About the TWISTARP

About the TWISTARP

TWISTARP products will improve safety and working conditions for utility workers as well as environmental conditions for customers and the bottom line for utilities.

What is TWISTARP and Who is it Intended for?

A TWISTARP is a wide flat lifting sling that is available in a variety of sizes and capacities to fit your needs. It was designed by a 35-year veteran Line Foreman who saw a need to reduce the risk of injury and lessen the difficulty of the work that is required to produce a satisfactory, clean job.

TWISTARP is an inexpensive tool that will lessen the physically demanding efforts of utility workers in the field, making their job easier, cleaner and faster. This means the worker can accomplish more in a given amount of time, saving the utility company money on a continuing basis. The cost of one TWISTARP utility blanket is less than the rate charged per hour for two men and one line truck.

What does it do for workers?

TWISTARP reduces muscle strains, sprains, and other injuries by improving work position and eliminating high repetitive forces associated with the demanding physical labor. The tarp and the truck or backhoe do the backbreaking work. The job is done more safely and with less physical effort, reducing exhaustion and injuries to the employee.

Time saved filling holes, moving materials, and cleaning up can now be used more productively on higher skill levels in respective classifications. More time can be spent installing new overhead and underground utilities and maintaining existing utilities.

Here are some of the many ways TWISTARP will save you effort and resources:

Filling in around poles becomes easy, fast, and simple. Ditch banks, weeds, and tall grasses are no longer a struggle.

TWISTARP all but eliminates clean up and "respects" customers' property. Improving customer relations is more important than ever in a regular utility industry.

When used as a dirt-sling, TWISTARP transports crushed rock, sand, dirt, wet cement, dig-spoils, and oil contaminated soil. Materials are transported in the utility tarp, leaving the transport vehicle clean.