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Twistarp helps reduce strains to the back and shoulder

Many employees in the field have been using a Twistarp to hold and move soil on the job. In fact, Roger Slama, chief line technician - Mineral Point, found the tool to be so valuable that he submit a safety suggestion to the Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Department.

Shoveling dirt into an excavation area can cause strains to the back and shoulder. Slama points out that the Twistarp makes it easier for employees to lift and move soil, reducing the risk of injury. In addition, employees can perform this task in less time and with less mess to clean up when the job is complete.

When the Energy Delivery Safety Quality and Communications Team was reviewing safety suggestions at its monthly meeting, the team immediately recognized the value of Slama's submission. As a result, the team is encouraging all locations to use the tool for backfilling operations. Slama's suggestion was also selected as one of the most valuable safety ideas submit in the first quarter in 2003.