Product Overview

Product Overview

The new JOURNEYMAN TARP is a wide, flat lifting sling that is available in a variety of sizes to fit your needs.

It reduces the risk of injury, increases efficiency, and reduces the difficulty of work required to maintain a clean and safe worksite. 


Benefits of the JOURNEYMAN TARP

  • A light-weight tool that eases the physically demanding efforts required of utility workers in the field, making their job simpler, cleaner, and faster.

  • Uses new materials, a new design, and an optimized pattern to increase lifting capacity and decrease costs.

  • The bright colors promote a safe working environment, decreasing tripping risks and allowing the user to see all 4 corners with ease. 

  • Makes linemen's job simpler, cleaner, and faster. This allows crews to accomplish more in a day, saving the utility company money and allowing workers to get home safely to their family. 

‚ÄčThe cost of a single JOURNEYMAN TARP is less than the hourly rate charged for two workers and one line truck